Cultural Diversity in IS

Dedicated to research and education about equity in information services.

Explore Cultural Diversity - An Integral Component of IS

Information about IS policy, curriculum and professional development, and diversity resources.

Diversity Council

A Standing Committee of the Department addressing cultural diversity made up of faculty and practitioner co-chairs, faculty and student representatives.

Diversity Research Paper Award

This objective of this award is to demonstrate that the Department of Information Studies values diversity; to bring diversity issues to the attention of faculty and students; and, to offer students an opportunity to present their work in a public forum.

Spectrum Scholars

Information about ALA's Spectrum Scholarships and a list of the IS Spectrum Scholars.

Student Organizations

A number of student organizations have been formed that address issues of diversity in the profession.

Information Studies 201 - Ethics, Diversity and Change

IS 201 is a service-learning course offered annually and required of all MLIS students that serves as a forum to discuss, learn and understand the ethical challenges that shape societal, professional community and individual views, and impact professional practice, decision making and public policy in a diverse society.

Updated: 5/9/14