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Name Program Specialization E-mail
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Kelle Anzalone MIAS Moving Image Archive Management/Access kanzalone05@(REMOVE THIS)
Emily Appleton MLIS Archival Studies emily.appleton@(REMOVE THIS)
Diana Ascher PhD
dianaascher@(REMOVE THIS)
Nick Auricchio MLIS Academic Libraries, information literacy instruction, reference nauricch@(REMOVE THIS)
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Francesca Baird MIAS I love old movies. francescabaird@(REMOVE THIS)
Morten Bay PhD Big Data, Network Society, new, social and emerging media mortenbay@(REMOVE THIS)
Nicoletta Beyer MLIS Library Studies nicolettabeyer@(REMOVE THIS)
Crosby Buhl MIAS
crosbybuhl@(REMOVE THIS)
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Kathy Carbone PhD Archives/Performance Studies kcarbone@(REMOVE THIS)
Randa Cardwell MLIS MLIS sittranda@(REMOVE THIS)
Anthony Castelletto PhD Information Seeking Behavior, Social Construction of Information dagoski@(REMOVE THIS)
Stella Castillo MLIS Archiving; Rare Books and Manuscripts divinitynerd@(REMOVE THIS)
Christine Chai MLIS
christinejchai@(REMOVE THIS)
Kristen Chamberland PhD Information policy; Intellectual Property; open-access; the culture of ownership, authorship, and sharing in digital-born media.  

Jae Chang

jae.chang@(REMOVE THIS)
Joanna Chen MLIS I am interested in archives in research libraries and historical and cultural institutions. I am particularly interested in Holocaust history, preservation and conservation. joanna.yl.chen@(REMOVE THIS)
Richard Cho MLIS
Richardcho1982@(REMOVE THIS)
Eric Chuk PhD
Su Kim Chung PhD Archives sukim.chung@(REMOVE THIS)
Marika Cifor PhD Archives, LGBTQ Studies, Gender Studies mcifor@(REMOVE THIS)
Nicole Contaxis MLIS Informatics, Information retrieval, Information policy ncontaxis at
Joseph Coombe MLIS Archival Studies coombej@(REMOVE THIS)
Shay Cornelius MIAS
shayvcornelius@(REMOVE THIS)
Katie Cozza MLIS Young Adult, Organization Systems ktcat55@(REMOVE THIS)
Morgan Currie PhD the concept of 'open' and specifically how digital cultures promoting
ideologies of openness have influenced video production, publishing and design, political economics generally and economics of the digital commons in particular, and politics of design in information.
morganecurrie@(REMOVE THIS)
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Elizabeth Daniels MLIS Archives/Informatics elizabeth.m.daniels@(REMOVE THIS)
Natalie de Almeida MLIS Archival Studies Natalied@(REMOVE THIS)
Javier De Rivera PhD Social Media Research javierderivera@(REMOVE THIS)
Clarice De Veyra MLIS
claricedv@(REMOVE THIS)
Rachel Decker MLIS
rachel.anne.decker@(REMOVE THIS)
Lori Dedeyan MLIS Archive studies ldedeyan@(REMOVE THIS)
Scott Dewey MLIS Archival/lots of things dewey@(REMOVE THIS)
Laura Duncan MLIS Academic librarianship, children's literature, international issues, diversity
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Silva Emilyan MLIS Archives/museums silvaemilyan@(REMOVE THIS)
Jesse Erickson PhD I am guided by the bibliographic in the existential endeavor to feed my hunger for more information. My academic interests and specializations include descriptive bibliography, cataloging theory, printing history, the history of the book, the book arts and illustration, religious studies, transnational history, early modern studies, political science, textual post-structural sociology, ethnic studies, communications theory, new media studies, [graphic] design history/theory, technoscience, and cyber-cultures. Within the discipline of information studies, however, my primary area of research is currently centered in the development of ethnobibliography. jericksonr@(REMOVE THIS)
Seth Erickson MLIS
sr.erickson@(REMOVE THIS)
Manuel Escamilla MLIS Archival Studies manueljescamilla@(REMOVE THIS)
Susan Etheridge MIAS Film Preservation/Restoration setheridge@(REMOVE THIS)
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Jesse Fankushen MIAS Film culture, film noir, history of domestic atomic testing jfankush@(REMOVE THIS)
Brentford Ferreira MLIS
brentfordjferreira@(REMOVE THIS)
Kira Fluor-Scacchi MLIS Informatics kirafs@(REMOVE THIS)
Atticus Frey MLIS
atticusfrey@(REMOVE THIS)
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Patricia Garcia PhD Archival theory, social media, representation of the Latino arts in archives, information access. patgarcia83@(REMOVE THIS)
Javier Garibay MLIS
jgaribay805@(REMOVE THIS)
Sean Gates MLIS Public Librarianship hamandcheesecroissant@(REMOVE THIS)
Lane Goldszer MLIS Tarot, Anarchism, Literature, LGBT history ilanagoldszer@(REMOVE THIS)
Liz Goralka MLIS Archive Studies lgoralka@(REMOVE THIS)
Danielle Goynes MLIS
dgoynes@(REMOVE THIS)
Kimberlee Granholm MIAS
klgran@(REMOVE THIS)
Megan Gruchow MIAS Film Preservation and Special Collections megan.gruchow@(REMOVE THIS)
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Kylie Harris MLIS
kyliemh@(REMOVE THIS)
Jason Hewitt PhD Complex Semiotic Systems and Cultural Transmission jhewitt@(REMOVE THIS)
Mal Higgins MLIS Children's Librarianship malhiggins3000@(REMOVE THIS)
Neil Hodge MLIS Archives NeilMHodge@(REMOVE THIS)
Hannah Hoersting MLIS
hhoersting@(REMOVE THIS)
Staci Hogsett MIAS
stacirh@(REMOVE THIS)
J Hong MLIS Archives jungeun.hong@(REMOVE THIS)
Yu-En Hsieh MIAS
hsiehyuen@(REMOVE THIS)
Dalena Hunter PhD Archives dalena.hunter@(REMOVE THIS)
Erin Hurley MLIS Archival Studies
Art librarianship
erhurley@(REMOVE THIS)
Licia Hurst MLIS
lhurst@(REMOVE THIS)
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David Isom MLIS Law librarianship; informatics deisom@(REMOVE THIS)
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Juan Jaime MLIS MLIS jjaime18@(REMOVE THIS)
Jenna Jaureguy MLIS Library Studies jnkc713@(REMOVE THIS)
Karie Jenkins MLIS Archival Studies kariejenkins@(REMOVE THIS)
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Julie Kalmar MLIS Archival Studies, DH jkalmar@(REMOVE THIS)
Malin Kan MIAS Lost/orphaned films, the ethics of film restoration malintkan@(REMOVE THIS)
Karen Karyadi MLIS Archival Studies, photography bkaryadi@(REMOVE THIS)
Courtney Kilian MLIS Archives cakilian87@(REMOVE THIS)
Moon Kim MLIS
moon4883@(REMOVE THIS)
Sunghyo Kim MLIS Acquisition/cataloging sung84kim@(REMOVE THIS)
Susan Kim MLIS Library studies susankiim@(REMOVE THIS)
Julia Kim MLIS Archives
Art Librarianship
jkim022@(REMOVE THIS)
Kelsey Knox MLIS
knox.kelsey@(REMOVE THIS)
Linda Kobashigawa MLIS Academic Librarianship--Reference Lkobash88@(REMOVE THIS)
John Kostka MIAS Film archiving jkostka@(REMOVE THIS)
Alexander Kosztowny MLIS Archiving, preservation of fashion, costume, textiles, and museum items. akosztowny@(REMOVE THIS)
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Patrick Lait MLIS
lait.pat@(REMOVE THIS)
Claire LaPolt MLIS
clairelapolt@(REMOVE THIS)
AJ Lawrence MIAS
ajlawrence@(REMOVE THIS)
Melissa Le Van MLIS Archival mellevan@(REMOVE THIS)
Carolyn Lee MLIS
carolyn223@(REMOVE THIS)
Anthony Leslie MLIS
aleslie@(REMOVE THIS)
Elaine Levia MLIS Information Access, Information needs in rural communities elainelevia@(REMOVE THIS)
Alexandra Levitan MLIS
aglevitan91@(REMOVE THIS)
Fei Liu PhD
baron.leo@(REMOVE THIS)
Heather Lowe MLIS
heatherlowe@(REMOVE THIS)
Angelica Lyons MLIS Archival studies fabala300@(REMOVE THIS)
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Zoe MacLeod MLIS
zoe.macleod1106@(REMOVE THIS)
Nina Mamikunian MLIS

Francesca Marineo MLIS Academic librarianship marineo@(REMOVE THIS)
Keri Marken MLIS Art librarianship, visual resources, special collections archiving systems keri_marken
Jon Marquis MIAS

David Marriott MIAS
davidmarriott@(REMOVE THIS)
Camille Mathieu MLIS Digital Humaities, Informatics, the History of Information cemathieu@(REMOVE THIS)
Jeffrey McCluskey MIAS
jamccluskey@(REMOVE THIS)
Jennifer McCray MIAS
Hilary McCreery MLIS Art/Children's Lit hilary.mccreery@(REMOVE THIS)
Beth McDonald MLIS Archive Studies ladimcbeth@(REMOVE THIS)
Kathryn McGuire MLIS
kathryn_mcguire@(REMOVE THIS)
Emily McNish MLIS
emcnish@(REMOVE THIS)
Luke McQueeney MLIS Informatics mcqueeneyluke@(REMOVE THIS)
Stacey Meeker PhD Scholarly communication: electronic publishing, Open Access, libraries as publishing partners (Director of UCLA Graduate Students Association Publications since 2008); foundations of information studies; European Documentalism and modern document theory: models and metaphors of memory, the World Brain and epistemology of the Book; the meme. smeeker@(REMOVE THIS)
Sarah Meyer MLIS Children's Literacy sarah.meyer@(REMOVE THIS)
Alda Migoni MLIS Archival Studies, dual master's with Latin American Studies amigoni@(REMOVE THIS)
Robert Montoya MLIS

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Heather Nelson MLIS
heatheraimeen@(REMOVE THIS)
Claire Nickerson MLIS Academic Librarianship nickerson.claire@(REMOVE THIS)
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Lauren O'Connor MIAS
laurenoconnor1187@(REMOVE THIS)
Dustin O'Hara PhD
dustin.ohara@(REMOVE THIS)
Antonia Osuna-Garcia MLIS Archival Studies aogarcia_05@(REMOVE THIS)
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Sangeeta Pal MLIS

Kate Papageorge MLIS
KRPapageorge@(REMOVE THIS)
Tim Parker MLIS History t.parker544@(REMOVE THIS)
Julie Patterson MLIS Archival Studies JPAT1990@(REMOVE THIS)
Kevin Peng MLIS
kpdolphin207@(REMOVE THIS)
Sarah Pham MLIS Archives and Special Collections. phamsarah321@(REMOVE THIS)
Cecilia Platz MLIS
cpplatz@(REMOVE THIS)
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Gonzalo Ramirez MIAS Journalist, Film Preservation, Video Preservation gonzaloramirez@(REMOVE THIS)
Mario H. Ramirez PhD Archives mario.hugo.ramirez@(REMOVE THIS)
Alicia Reiley MLIS Academic libraries. What is the librarian of today?
Megan Riley MLIS Archiving, preservation mril3y@(REMOVE THIS)
Mark Roosa PhD Leadership
mark.roosa@(REMOVE THIS)
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Adrian Salas MIAS
salasadr@(REMOVE THIS)
Ashley Sands MLIS Archaeo-informatics ashleysa@(REMOVE THIS)
Alice Schock MLIS Public librarianship
Ariel Schudson MIAS Cataloging, film restoration and preservation
Ednar Segura MLIS
ednarus@(REMOVE THIS)
Javier Servin MIAS
jservin85@(REMOVE THIS)
Shanna Shiah MLIS Children and Youth Services sshiah@(REMOVE THIS)
Dylan Smith MLIS Archival Studies dylan.smith@(REMOVE THIS)
Lindsey Sommer MLIS Archives lsommer@(REMOVE THIS)
Ashley Soo MLIS Archival Studies ashleysoo@(REMOVE THIS)
Leslie Kay Swigart PhD Bibliometrics; Information-related behaviors of humanities scholars; Scholarly communication; Popular culture, especially science fiction & fantasy literature and scholarship; Popular culture librarianship; Humanities librarianship. lswigart@(REMOVE THIS)
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Jade Takahashi MIAS

Annie Tang MLIS

Alyson Thomas MLIS Archives/Library Science alysont90@(REMOVE THIS)
Jessica Thomas MLIS Archival Studies jessica.thomas@(REMOVE THIS)
David Tilton MLIS Archives david@(REMOVE THIS)
Tracy Tisdale MLIS Public/academic librarian tracytisdale@(REMOVE THIS)
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Robert Vaszari MIAS
rvaszari@(REMOVE THIS)
Leann Voss MLIS
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Valree Weythman MLIS
vweythman@(REMOVE THIS)
Neal Williams MLIS
booktracking@(REMOVE THIS)
Karlyn Williams MLIS
lynlavea26@(REMOVE THIS)
Rachel Wilson MIAS

Vesta Winston MLIS
Vivian Wong PhD Archival Studies vivwong@(REMOVE THIS)
Stacy Wood MLIS Public Library Services stacyewood@(REMOVE THIS)
Kelly Wortham MLIS
kmwortham@(REMOVE THIS)
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Muyan Xia MLIS
xia_apple@(REMOVE THIS)
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Caroline Yee MLIS
carolinedyee@(REMOVE THIS)
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Kan Zhang PhD How to use ethnographic techniques to study how people use and develop technical infrastructures evakanzhang@(REMOVE THIS)
Xuemin Zhong MLIS
xueminzhong@(REMOVE THIS)

Updated: 7/30/14