Student Achievement Data

MLIS program retention rate, time to degree, work relevance, and additional achievement data.


Faculty Awards

A brief selection of the numerous awards won by our Faculty.



  • Anne Gilliland – University of Liverpool Department of History, Honorary Research Fellow, 2017 – 2020
  • Anne Gilliland – Publication making the greatest contribution to the archives profession in Australia written or edited by a person/s in their own right for Research in the Archival Multiverse, Anne J. Gilliland, Sue McKemmish and Andrew J. Lau, eds.


  • Christine Borgman – elected to The board of the Interuniversity Consortium for the Political and Social Research, 2016
  • Michelle Caswell – Second Prize Winner, Best Conference Paper, Archival Education and Research Institute, for “Owning Critical Archival Studies: A Plea,” Kent State University
  • Michelle Caswell and Anne Gilliland – Honorable Mention, Library Juice Paper Competition for Best Theoretical Paper, Litwin Books
  • Johanna Drucker – Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts Degree from Maryland Institute College of Art
  • Safiya Noble – Fellow, Hellman Fellows Fund
  • Safiya Noble – UCLA Early Career Award, 2016



  • Christine Borgman – Fellow, Association for Computing Machinery
  • Michelle Caswell – Faculty Career Development Award, UCLA Office of Diversity and Faculty Development

  • Michelle Caswell – Library Juice Paper Competition for Best Theoretical Paper, Litwin Books
  • Johanna Drucker – Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

  • Johanna Drucker — Oscar Lewis Award, Book Club of California

  • Esther Grassian – ALA’s Miriam Dudley Award
  • Luiz Mendes – California Library Association Award of Achievement



  • Christine Borgman – Oliver Smithies Visiting Fellow and Lecturer, Balliol College, University of Oxford; also a Visiting Scholar at the Oxford Internet Institute and the Oxford eResearch Center
  • Leah Lievrouw – Information Studies Department Teaching Award, 2012
  • Leah Lievrouw – 2012 Top Book Award, American Sociological Association, Communication and Information Technology section, for Alternative and Activist New Media (Polity, 2011).
  • Beverly Lynch- Melvil Dewey Medal Award, 2012
  • John Richardson – Fulbright Scholar to Turkmenistan


  • Christine Borgman – ASIST Research Award – American Society for Information Science & Technology
  • Christine Borgman – Paul Evan Peters Award – Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), and EDUCAUSE
  • Loretta Gaffney – Information Studies Teaching Award Winner – UCLA Department of Infomation Studies
  • John Richardson – Participant in America Engages Eurasia, 19th Century – Present: Studies, Teaching, and Resources sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities


  • Murtha Baca – Nancy DeLaurier Award – Visual Resources Association (with Patricia Harpring for their work on the Getty
  • Marcia Bates and Mary Niles Maack – Best Information Science Book of the Year for the third edition of Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences (ELIS-3) – the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)
  • Jean-François Blanchette – Information Studies Teaching Award Winner – UCLA Department of Infomation Studies
  • Beverly Lynch – Los Angeles Panhellenic Association Woman of the Year


MLIS Student Awards

American Library Association (ALA) 

David H. Clift Scholarship

awarded “to a U.S./Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is pursuing an MLS in an ALA-accredited program” (see   

  • 2015—Jade Finlinson 
Spectrum Scholarships

awarded to scholars on the basis of “their commitment to equity and inclusion, demonstrated community outreach, commitment to the library profession, academic achievements, and leadership potential” (see 

  • 2018—Amalia Castañeda; Sarah Corona; Julie Park; Yuri Shimoda (Calloway Family Scholar) 
  • 2017—Rosa Celestino (LS&S/LITA Scholar); Alexander Valencia 
  • 2016—Jeannie Chen; Jason De Castro; Nicole Patch (YALSA Scholar); Renee Romero; Christina Thompson Hairston 
  • 2015—Richard Cho (ProQuest Scholar); Alda Migoni (Betty J. Turock Scholar); Sabrina Ponce 
  • 2014—Patricia Valdovinos 
  • 2013—Joanna Chen 
  • 2011—Crystal Ramirez Duran 

American Library Association (ALA)
Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)
Community & Junior College Libraries Section (CJCLS) 

EBSCO Community College Learning Resources Leadership Award

“recognizes significant achievement in community college leadership” (see 

  • 2016—Pearl Ly 

American Library Association (ALA)
Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)
Rare Books & Manuscripts Section (RBMS) 

RBMS Scholarship

“to encourage attendance [at RBMS Conference] by students, qualified paraprofessionals, and librarians with limited professional development support; to introduce attendees to RBMS and ACRL with the aim of promoting participation; and to foster greater diversity in RBMS and the profession” (see 

  • 2018—Liza Mardoyan 
  • 2017—Jessica Tai (Henry Sotheran Ltd. Scholarship) 
  • 2015—Joanna Chen Cham 
  • 2014—Stella Castillo 
  • 2013—Nina Mamikunian 
  • 2012—Nora Bloch 

American Library Association (ALA)
Library History Round Table (LHRT) 

Justin Winsor Library History Essay Award

“to recognize the best essay written in English on library history” (see   

  • 2011—Cody White: “Rising from the ashes: Lessons learned from the impact of Proposition 13 on public libraries in California”

American Library Association (ALA)
Library & Information Technology Association (LITA) 

LITA/LSSI Minority Scholarship in Library and Information Technology

“designed to encourage the entry of qualified persons into the library and automation field who plan to follow a career in that field; who demonstrate potential in, and a strong commitment to the use of automated systems in libraries; and who are qualified members of a principal minority group” (see 

  • 2016—Renee Romero 

American Library Association (ALA)
Reference & User Services Association (RUSA)
Business Reference & Services Section (BRASS) 

Student Travel Award

for a student with “demonstrated interest in a career as a business reference librarian” (see 

  • 2011—Danielle Salomon

Archival Education Research Institute (AERI) 

Emerging Archival Scholars Program (EASP)

“a recruitment and outreach program to encourage students at the undergraduate and graduate levels from backgrounds that are underrepresented in the archival field to consider undertaking doctoral education focusing on archival studies” (see 

  • 2018—Krystell Jimenez 
  • 2017—Jeannie Chen; Jimmy Zavala 
  • 2015—Alda Migoni 

ARMA International 

Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund (ALHEF) Scholarship

for students “actively pursuing an education for a career in information and records management” (see 

  • 2014—Joanna Chen 
  • 2013—Joanna Chen 
  • 2011—Bo Doub 

Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) 

Gerd Muehsam Award

“given annually to recognize excellence in a graduate student paper or project on a topic relevant to art librarianship” (see 

  • 2017—Karly Wildenhaus: “The use of Library of Congress Classification and Subject Headings for contemporary art materials in the library” 
  • 2016—Jade Finlinson: “Exploring community memory and multiple understandings of landscape: Activating UCLA’s Department of Geography air photo archives” 
  • 2013—Amanda Milbourn: “New literacies=new models: Using embedded librarianship to proactively address the need for visual literacy instruction in higher education” 
Student Diversity Award for Conference Attendance

“to encourage multicultural students considering a career in art librarianship or visual resources to participate in the activities of ARLIS/NA” (see 

  • 2018—Rosa Celestino 
Judith A. Hoffberg Student Award for Conference Attendance

“to encourage students considering a career in art librarianship or visual resources to participate in the activities of ARLIS/NA” (see 

  • 2018—Karly Wildenhaus 

Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA)
Southern California Chapter (ARLIS/NA-SCC) 

Student Travel Award

“supports and encourages student involvement with ARLIS/NA and the SoCal Chapter” (see 

  • 2018—Megan Sallabedra 
  • 2017—Karly Wildenhaus 
  • 2016—Emily Coxe 
  • 2011—Amanda Milbourn 
Judith A. Hoffberg Travel Award

“honors the Chapter’s founder Judith A. Hoffberg” (see 

  • 2018—Lorie Kim 

Asian Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) 

APALA Scholarship

“provides financial assistance to a student of Asian or Pacific background who has enrolled, or has been accepted into, a master’s or doctoral degree program in library and/or information science” (see 

  • 2016—Jessica Tai 
APALA Travel Grant

“supports attendance at the American Library Association Annual Conference” (see 

  • 2015—Shanna Shiah 

Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) 

Pratt-Severn Best Student Research Paper Award

“recognizes the outstanding work of a current student in a degree-granting program in the information field” ( 

  • 2016—Deidre Whitmore: “Seeking context: Archaeological practices surrounding the reuse of spatial information” 

Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) 

Conference Travel Grant

“intended to support members who have not previously attended an ARSC conference, but desire to participate more actively in the Association” (see 

  • 2018—Yuri Shimoda 

Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) 

Student Scholarship

“awarded to promising students with a history of participating in Judaic studies or libraries” (see 

  • 2013—Joanna Chen 

Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) 

AMIA Scholarships

factors in the selection of scholarship recipients include “a student’s commitment to pursuing a career in moving image archiving; the quality of a student’s academic record; and the strength of a student’s program of study as it applies to moving image archiving” (see 

  • 2018—Adam Foster (Rick Chace Foundation Scholarship); Brianna Toth (George Blood Women in Technology Scholarship) 
  • 2017—Brian Block (Sony Pictures Scholarship) 
  • 2016—Robin Margolis (Sony Pictures Scholarship) 
  • 2015—Taylor Morales (Rick Chace Foundation Scholarship) 
  • 2013—AJ Lawrence (Rick Chace Foundation Scholarship) 
Image Permanence Institute (IPI) Internship

intended “to give a student of merit who is committed to the preservation of moving images the opportunity to acquire practical experience in preservation research.”  

  • 2015—Jennifer O’Leary 
  • 2013—Crosby Buhl 
Community Fund Travel Grant 
  • 2016—Susan Etheridge; Robin Margolis 
  • 2013—Ariel Schudson 
San Francisco Silent Film Festival Travel Grant 
  • 2015—Amy Jo Stanfill 
  • 2014—Alina Sinetos 

Association of Research Libraries (ARL) 

Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce (IRDW)

“a program designed to recruit master of library and information science (MLIS) students from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups into careers in research libraries and archives” (see 

  • 2017–19—Jeannie Chen; Sarah Corona 
  • 2016–18—Renee Romero 
  • 2014–16—Richard Cho; Alda Migoni 
  • 2013–15—Joanna Chen; Sarah Pham 
ARL/SAA Mosaic Program

“promotes much-needed diversification of the archives and special collections professional workforce by providing financial support, practical work experience, mentoring, career placement assistance, and leadership development to emerging professionals from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups” (see 

  • 2018–20—Carolina Meneses 
  • 2017–19—Julie Park 
  • 2014–16—Joanna Chen Cham 
  • 2013–15—Karen Karyadi; Annie Tang 

California Library Association (CLA) 

CLA Scholarship for Minority Students in Memory of Edna Yelland

“supports ethnic minority students in the attainment of a graduate degree in library or information studies and encourages commitment to the improvement of library services to ethnic minority communities” (see 

  • 2016—Nicole Patch 
  • 2014—Shanna Shiah 
  • 2012—Crystal Duran; Minh Le 
  • 2011—Muoy Tea 
The Begun Scholarship

“supports continuing library students who have demonstrated a commitment to becoming children’s or young adult librarians in a California public library” (see 

  • 2017—Alexander Valencia 
  • 2015—Shanna Shiah 
Reference Service Press Fellowship

“encourages college seniors, college graduates, and beginning library school students to prepare for a career in reference/information service librarianship (see 

  • 2015—Collette Salvatierra 
  • 2014—Rachel Ferensowicz 

Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) 

CALA Scholarship of Library and Information Science


  • 2011—Jennifer Shuang 

Electronic Resources & Libraries (ER&L) 

ER&L + Taylor & Francis Student Travel Grant

to support attendance at the ER&L Conference (see 

  • 2016—Yi Ding 

Medical Library Association (MLA) 

Rittenhouse Award

“for the best unpublished paper or web-based project on health sciences librarianship or medical informatics” ( 

  • 2013—Yee May Chua: “Complex system records model and medical informatics: Recordkeeping for wicked problems” 

Midwest Archives Conference (MAC) 

Archie Motley Memorial Scholarship for Minority Students

“to provide financial assistance to minority students pursuing graduate education in archival administration and to encourage ethnic diversification of the Midwest Archives Conference and of the archival profession as a whole” (see 

  • 2017—Jessica Tai 
  • 2013—Joanna Chen 

Music Library Association (MLA) 

Kevin Freeman Travel Award

“to support travel and hotel expenses to attend the Music Library Association annual meeting” (see

  • 2019—Yuri Shimoda

National Archives & Records Administration (NARA)
National Historical Publications & Records Commission (NHPRC) 

Archives Leadership Institute (ALI)

provides “advanced training for 25 archival leaders each year, giving them the knowledge and tools to transform the profession in practice, theory, and attitude” (see 

  • 2016—Gloria Gonzalez 

North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries 

Fellows Program

“offers new librarians a two-year appointment during which you develop expertise in a functional area and contribute to an innovative initiative of strategic importance” (see 

  • 2018–20—Alexander Valencia 

Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM) 

SALALM Scholarship

to support attendance at the annual SALALM conference (see 

  • 2015—Ashley Larson; Alda Migoni 

Society of American Archivists 

Brenda S. Banks Travel Award

“recognizes individuals of color who are employed in archives and who manifest an interest in becoming active members of SAA” ( 

  • 2018—Saida Largaespada 
Josephine Forman Scholarship

“provides financial support to minority students pursuing graduate education in archival science, encourages students to pursue careers as archivists, and promotes the diversification of the American archives profession” (see 

  • 2019—Ashley Flores
  • 2018—Krystell Jimenez 
  • 2017—Jeannie Chen 
  • 2014—Joanna Chen 
Gerald Ham & Elsie Ham Scholarship

“supports the graduate archival education of a student who is studying at a United States university program” (see

  • 2018—Julie Botnick 
  • 2015—Noah Geraci 
Mosaic Scholarship

“given to a student who demonstrates potential for scholastic and personal achievement and who manifests a commitment both to the archival profession and to advancing diversity concerns within it” (see 

  • 2018—Alexis Recto 
  • 2017—Sabrina Ponce; Jessica Tai 
  • 2016—Jimmy Zavala 
Donald Peterson Student Travel Award

“This award supports students and recent graduates from graduate archival programs within North America to attend SAA’s Annual Meeting.” (see

  • 2019 – Alexis Recto
Harold T. Pinkett Minority Student Award

“recognizes minority graduate students of African, Asian, Latino, or Native American descent who, through scholastic achievement, manifest an interest in becoming professional archivists and active members of SAA” ( 

  • 2018—Jessica Tai 
  • 2013—Maria Angel Diaz 

Society of California Archivists (SCA) 

James V. Mink Scholarship

“promotes professional development and enables archival studies students or recent graduates to attend both the SCA Annual General Meeting and a pre-conference workshop” (see 

  • 2017—Jade Finlinson 
  • 2016—Mary Priest 
  • 2014—Joanna Chen 
  • 2012—Sara Seltzer 

Southern California Association of Law Libraries (SCALL) 

SCALL Scholarship

intended “to reward current library school students who hold promise of future involvement in the law library profession” (see 

  • 2016—Rebecca Fordon 
  • 2011—Stephanie Der; Amber Kennedy Madole; Dominique Roberts 

Special Libraries Association (SLA)
Business & Finance Division (SLA-B&F) 

Student Stipend Award

helps cover expenses at the SLA Annual Conference (see 

  • 2011—Danielle Salomon 

Special Libraries Association (SLA)
Southern California Chapter (SLA-SCC) 

Karen Gersten-Sternheim Memorial Scholarship

awarded annually to a student member pursuing a career in special librarianship (see   

  • 2015—Ashley Larson 
  • 2014—Erin Hurley 
  • 2013—Nicoletta Beyer 

U.S. Department of Education 

Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships Program

“to assist meritorious … students undergoing training in modern foreign languages and related area or international studies” (see 

  • 2017—Maggie Rank 

PhD Student Awards


  • María Montenegro – Andrew W. Mellon Digital Knowledge Sharing Fellow
  • Jennifer Pierre – Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, Honorable Mention
  • Jennifer Pierre – University of California Eugene V. Cota Robles Fellowship


  • Jennifer Pierre – Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Design of Communication Student Research Competition, 2nd Place Winner


  • Kathy Carbone – Dissertation Year Fellowship, UCLA
  • Jennifer Pierre – Diversity Paper Award, Information Studies Department
  • Jennifer Pierre – Association for Information Science and Technology Special Interest Group on Metrics Best Student Paper Contest, Honorable Mention
  • Jennifer Pierre – Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Design of Communication Student Research Competition, Finalist
  • Jennifer Pierre – National Women’s Studies Association Travel Grant
  • Jennifer Pierre – UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship


  • Kathy Carbone – Dissertation Proposal Award, Information Studies Department
  • Kathy Carbone – Research and Practice Fellowship, CalArts
  • Jennifer Pierre – Association for information Science and Technology Special Interest
  • Jennifer Pierre – Diversity Paper Award, Information Studies Department
  • Jennifer Pierre – GSEIS Diversity Student Support Initiative Award
  • Jennifer Pierre – UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship
  • Ashley Sands – Hal Borko Fellowship, Information Studies Department
  • Stacey Wood – Teach of the Year Award, Information Studies Department


  • Kathy Carbone – Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, UCLA
  • Ashley Sands – 10th IEEE International Conference on e-Science Student Scholarship


  • Amelia Acker – UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship Program Fellowship
  • Ellen-Rae Cachola – UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship Program Fellowship
  • Roderic Crooks – Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship
  • Morgan Currie – UCLA Chancellor’s Prize
  • Andrew Lau – Information Studies Dissertation Proposal Award
  • Lilly Nguyen – Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship
  • Katie Shilton – Best Poster Award – 2011 iConference
  • Jessica Thomas – Will Rogers Memorial Fellowship

Departmental Awards


Chancellor’s Marshall

  • 2011 – Ian Leong
  • 2012 – Jennifer Shuang
  • 2013 – Rebekah Cummings
  • 2014 – Heather Nelson
  • 2015 – Nicole Contaxis
  • 2016 – Noah Geraci
  • 2017 – Molly Horn
  • 2018 – Evan Tucker

MLIS Advancement for the Profession Award

  • 2011 – Kelly Besser
  • 2012 – Meghan Casey and Yvonne Lee
  • 2013 – Tim Gallati
  • 2014 – Rachel Decker and Julie Patterson
  • 2015 – Joanna Chen Cham
  • 2016 – Emily Meehan
  • 2017 – Robin Margolis
  • 2018 – Katherine Wildenhaus and Sabrina Ponce

Diversity Paper Award

  • 2011 – Cody White
  • 2012 – Meghan Casey and Julie Glassman
  • 2013 – Melissa Camaiore and Jeremy Whitt
  • 2014 – Patricia Garcia
  • 2015 – Jennifer Pierre (winner), Jabier Garibay (honorable mention)
  • 2016 – Brittany Paris and Jennifer Pierre
  • 2017 – Jeannie Chen
  • 2018 – Jessica Tai

Dissertation Proposal Award

  • 2011 – Andrew Lau
  • 2012 – Colin Doty
  • 2013 – Amelia Acker and David Kim
  • 2014 – Morgan Currie
  • 2015 – Kathy Carbone
  • 2016 – Morten Bay
  • 2017 – Brittany Paris
  • 2018 – Bernadette Boscoe

Hal Borko Award

  • 2013 – Amelia Acker
  • 2014 – Seth Erickson
  • 2015 – Ashley Sands
  • 2016 – Jimmy Zavala
  • 2017 – Stephanie Geller
  • 2018 – Dianne Weinthal