Local Area Map here.

Please visit the nearest information booth (shown on Local Area Map) to purchase a parking pass or pick up a reserved parking permit. If you have staff or faculty parking pass from another UC campus, you should be able to obtain a reciprocal free daily parking pass for UCLA. Show your home campus pass to the clerk at the information booth. Daily parking permits cost $13.00 if purchased at an information booth. Accessible parking permits cost $10.00. Metered parking at Self-Service Parking Pay Stations are available at many campus lots, with variable rates; see the Self-Service Parking page for more information. Also, ParkMobile is available in visitor parking areas, as well as in all areas for those with a Disabled Placard. For more information, visit our ParkMobile FAQ page. There is free motorcycle and scooter parking on campus. Wherever you park, pay close attention to posted signs and permit notices. Parking without a valid permit for your space may result in citation.

Parking Lot Information (Updated August 6, 2019) 

LOT 3 is a five minute walk to the GSE&IS Building.

  • The elevator in Lot 3 along the southern wall services levels 1-4.

LOT 5 is across the road from the GSE&IS Building.

  • Level 6 of Lot 5 is closed for construction. 
  • Park with a parking pass on levels 1, 2, or 3 in Lot 5. You must exit and re-enter the garage to access each level.
  • There are no elevators in Lot 5.


  • Always display disabled parking placards or license plates when using accessible parking spaces.
  • There are two designated accessible parking spaces in front of the building, one by the wall near the North Campus Student Center, and one next to the red curb emergency vehicle zone in front of the building entrance.
  • If neither of these spaces is available, you should go to the top level (Level 6) of Lot 5, across the road from the GSE&IS Building, and park in an available accessible-designated space. (Not available due to construction) 
  • Note: Lower levels of Lot 5 do not have elevator access. Use the accessible spaces in Lot 3 if the accessible spaces in Lot 5 are unavailable.