The Department of Information Studies maintains several email lists. IS-Announce is considered an official communication path of the IS Department. The address to post to is next to each list name. Subscription information is at the bottom of this page. You can only post emails from the address you are subscribed to. If you need to change your subscription address, unsubscribe from your old address, and then re-subscribe from the new one.

Please attempt to post your message to the correct list, and keep the lists on the proper topic!

  • IS-ANNOUNCE ( – list archive
    • IS-Announce is the Department’s primary on-line communication vehicle for major announcements regarding curriculum, policy, special programs, emergency announcements and the etc. Other sources of postings to IS-Announce include: GSE&IS information which impacts IS directly and; all official postings from the UCLA administration which have not already gone to the UCLA community. This list is only for currently enrolled students in the degree programs at Information Studies, IS faculty (ladder, emeriti, adjunct), and IS staff. Subscribers without affiliation to IS may be removed without notice!
  • IS-NET ( – list archive
    • IS-Net is a discussion and announcement list for interested students, faculty, and staff. Its focus is on issues relating to Library and Information Studies education in general, and the Department of Information Studies in particular. In addition, announcements of scholarship opportunities, conferences, student and professional job opportunities are posted here. This list is optional, but highly recommended as its scope is wider. Students, faculty, and staff must subscribe themselves.
  • IS-CHAT (
    • IS-CHAT is a discussion list that is open to any topic. Where the previous 2 lists must be related to the department, or information studies topics, any topic may be discussed on IS-CHAT.

N.B. Simply stated, notice of a speaker for 272 or 271 would be posted on IS-Announce, thoughtful discussion about the speaker’s topic would be posted on IS-Net. Job postings go to IS-Net. If in doubt, send everything else to IS-CHAT!

    • This is the announcement list for PhD students in the department. Only subscribers may post to this list.
  • IS-PHD-CHAT ( – This is a closed list and you must be subscribed by the list administrator.
    • This is the discussion list for PhD students in the department. Only PhD students may subscribe, and only PhD students may post to this list.
  • Mailing Lists for IS Organizations
    Many of the student organizations maintain their own mailing lists. To find out more about an organization’s list, visit its web page noted on the IS Organizations page.


Subscription Information

  • To subscribe to a list, send an email to with the body of “subscribe listname your-name“- i.e., “subscribe is-announce Lee Bruin”
    • Some lists (such as is-announce) may ask you to reply to a confirmation email to complete your subscription. You just need to reply to the email to verify you are the owner of the address. If you do not reply within 24 hours, you will not be subscribed, so be sure to be on the lookout!
    • If in doubt if you are subscribed, simply try to subscribe again– the system will not allow the same address to subscribe twice
  • To unsubscribe from a list, send an email to with the body of “unsubscribe listname“- i.e., “unsubscribe is-announce”