IS Diversity Council


A Standing Committee of the Department addressing issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. It is made up of faculty and practitioner co-chairs, and faculty and student representatives.

The Diversity Council has three main responsibilities: promoting the recruitment and mentoring of a diverse student body and developing support structures for those students within Information Studies; providing advice, mentoring, feedback and analysis of data, and other support related to diversity considerations to the Undergraduate, Professional, and Doctoral Program Committees as well as the Admissions, Awards, and Recruitment Committee; and undertaking special initiatives related to diversity concerns (this includes continuation of existing initiatives). The Council may create sub-committees to oversee specific initiatives, such as the current Diversity Recruitment and Mentoring Sub-Committee. Activities of the Council should take into consideration all programs, activities, and professional areas addressed by the Department.

The Diversity Council has 2 co-chairs, one of whom will be a faculty member appointed by the Chair of the Department of Information Studies. The other co-chair for the forthcoming academic year is nominated and elected by the Council as a whole at its first meeting of the academic year. No maximum membership is specified.

The Diversity Council awards an annual Diversity Paper Award to a student in the department.