As part of its continuing effort to bring diversity issues to the attention of both faculty and students, the UCLA Deptartment of Information Studies is happy to announce the 2015 Diversity Research Paper competition.

  • to demonstrate that the Department of Information Studies values diversity of all types;
  • to bring diversity issues to the attention of faculty and students;
  • to encourage excellence in scholarship relating to diversity issues; and,
  • to offer students an opportunity to present their work in a public forum.


Students are encouraged to submit papers that deal with contemporary or historical information issues or needs relating to people who have been marginalized or disenfranchised, for example, on the basis of ethnicity, race, immigrant status, religion, gender preference, physical disability, or age. The paper may have been written for a course or a directed independent study.; The paper also may be written by an individual or by multiple students. Suggested length is 10 to 25 pages.

Selection criteria will include: depth of research and critical analysis; demonstrated knowledge of the topic presented; originality; creativity; and quality of writing, documentation, and presentation.

All Department of Information Studies students are eligible, including MLIS, PH.D, MIAS, and post-Master’s students.

Application process and deadline

The deadline for this year’s award is TBD, 2015. Students should submit three copies of their paper to Andrew VanSchooneveld or to the front desk on the second floor of the GSEIS Bldg. The first page of the paper should include the title of the paper, the name(s) of the author(s), and contact information. The second page of the paper should include the title of the paper only. No identifying information regarding the
authors should appear anywhere in the paper except for the first page.


The awardee(s) will receive a cash award.


The jury will consist of two IS faculty members—one each from the Doctoral Program Committee and the Professional Programs Committee—and one practitioner from the IS Diversity Council.

For further information

Please contact Andrew VanSchooneveld at vanschooneveld@gseis.ucla.edu

Opportunity to Publish in InterActions

The editors of InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies would like to encourage those of you who submit papers for the Diversity Research Paper Award to also consider submitting to InterActions.

The guidelines for submission are available on the InterActions website – http://www.interactions.gseis.ucla.edu. InterActions is a peer-reviewed electronic journal that is committed to the promotion of scholarly work that examines areas of education and information studies via interdisciplinary and critical perspectives.

For more information about InterActions, please look at our website and/or e-mail us at interactions@gseis.ucla.edu. We look forward to reading your great papers!

InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies

Diversity Paper Award Winners


  • Jennifer Pierre
  • Javier Garibay – Honorable Mention



  • Patricia Garcia


  • Melissa Camaiore
  • Jeremy Whitt


  • Meghan Casey
  • Julia Glassman



  • Cody White


  • Lindsay Klick


  • Roger Brown


  • Katherine Becvar
  • Vivian Wong – Honorable Mention


  • Leah Kerr
  • Stephanie Sapienza – Honorable Mention


  • Claire Raffel


  • Helena Vilar de Lemos
  • Stacey Meeker – Honorable Mention
  • Jennifer Osorio – Honorable Mention
  • Noah Zweig – Honorable Mention


  • Laurel McPhee
  • Lea Whittington