Tea Breaks are held in the IS Salon, on the second floor of the GSE&IS building. Light refreshments are always served, but meeting days/times are subject to change on a quarterly basis to accommodate class schedules and other departmental events. No Tea Breaks are held during the summer session.

These meetings are open to all members of the UCLA academic community. No reservation or RSVP is required. Prospective students are particularly welcome to attend and get acquainted with our department and our professional community at the Tea Breaks.

About the Tea Breaks

The weekly Tea Breaks are one of the unique features of our program: a regularly scheduled time between classes for current students to meet, share a bite to eat, and catch up on campus news and items of interest from the world of information professionals. Each week, we invite a guest from among our rich pool of alumni, the UCLA libraries and other campus units, and the broader professional community. Visiting speakers get to meet with current students and hear about their research interests, as well as share their own professional history and experience, discuss current projects, or recruit for internships and job openings.

Tea Breaks are structured as a social gathering, not a formal colloquium or guest lecture. Some guests bring show-and-tell items–everything from an Emmy statuette to 19th-century pamphlets on women’s health or comics deaccessioned from the DC archive–but the Tea Breaks are a Powerpoint-free zone! Conversations during the Tea Breaks are casual and free-ranging; they are also of tremendous value to students’ intellectual and professional growth. Among other things, they help convey the breadth and diversity of work being done in the information professions; they offer insights for emerging professionals into the career progression of senior colleagues; and they reinforce valuable connections between the IS Department and its many stakeholders, both in and beyond the greater LA area. Meetings between students and guests at the Tea Breaks often lead directly to new internship projects, research collaborations, mentoring relationships, and professional employment opportunities. Come join us one of these weeks!

AY 2019-2020 Schedule: TBD

Are you an MLIS program alum or other colleague who will be in the area and interested in joining us as a guest? Please contact Student Governing Board leadership to inquire about future openings in the Tea Break schedule!

Past Tea Break guests

(** indicates program alumni)


Robert Gore, Visual Arts Librarian, UCLA Arts Library
Michael Holland, City Archivist, City of Los Angeles
Wynn Tranfield, Physical and Basic Sciences Librarian, UCLA Biomedical Library/Science and Engineering Library
**Megan Gawlik (MLIS ’13), Manager, Innovation Research, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products
**Richard M. Cho (MLIS ‘16) Research Librarian for Humanities & Literature, UC Irvine
**Dr. Stephanie Sterling Brasley (MLIS ’00), Dean, University Library, CSUDH
**Susan Allen (PhD ’96) Director, California Rare Book School
Peter Sachs Collopy, University Archivist and Head of Archives & Special Collections, CalTech Library
**Teresa Soleau (MLIS ’09) – Digital Preservation & Library Systems Manager, J. Paul Getty Trust
Anthony Cunha, Founder and CEO, and Blake Blasingame, Film Services Manager, Duplitech
Howard Rootenberg, Owner, B & L Rootenberg Rare Books & Manuscripts
Cory Fisher, Rights Manager & Archivist, Krishnamurti Foundation of America
Maya Montanez Smukler, Manager, Archive Research & Study Center, UCLA Film & Television Archive
**Natalie Auxier (MLIS ’12), Archivist, 20th Century Fox
**Annie Tang (MLIS ‘14) – Coordinator, Special Collections & Archives, Leatherby Libraries, Chapman University


Anna Chen, Head Librarian, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library
** Parisa Samaie (MLIS ’09), Library Department Chair, Los Angeles Southwest College
** Jennifer Kishi (MLIS ’13), Archivist, Sterling Ruby Studio
** Audra Eagle Yun (MLIS ’08) Head of Special Collections and Archives and University Archivist, University of California, Irvine
** Rikke Ogawa (MLIS ’98) Director, Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library and Science & Engineering Library, UCLA
**Tommy Keswick (MLIS ’08) Digital Technology Development Librarian, Caltech
Robert Williams, Canon for Community Relations at the Episcopal Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Shira Peltzman, UCLA Library Digital Archivist
Selena Chau, Digital Archives Manager, LA Phil & Hollywood Bowl
**Anna Lynn Martino (MLIS ’05), Senior Manager, and **Michael Pazmino (MIAS ’16), Archives Coordinator, Nickelodeon Animation Archives and Resources Library
**Jade Finlinson, Graduate Intern, Getty Research Institute
Rebecca Kraut, Librarian, The Jonathan Club
W. F. Umi Hsu, Digital Strategist, City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs


Kelly Kress, Processing Archivist, UCLA Library Special Collections
**Heather Cleary (MLIS ’01), Digital Projects and Metadata Librarian, Otis College of Art and Design
**Katharine Allen (MIAS ’16), Film Archivist, Lucasfilm
**Angel Diaz (MLIS ’13), Processing Archivist, UCLA Library Special Collections
**Gregg Rugolo (MLIS ’10), User Experience Designer
Lisa Cornish and Jane Richards, Victorian College of the Arts & Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne
**Maggie Clarke (MLIS ‘16) Associate Producer/Researcher, Detour
**Paul Andersen (MLIS ’96) VP Workforce Enablement, The Walt Disney Company
**Mario Ascencio  (MLIS ’99) College Librarian and Managing Director, Art Center College of Design
Norma Palomino, Unit Chief (Library Services), Inter American Development Bank and DPS Candidate in Information Management, Syracuse University
Joey Heinen and Maja Clark, Collection Information and Digital Assets, LACMA  (sponsored by ARTiFACTS)
**Jillian Wallis (MLIS ‘05, PhD ’12), Research Data Manager, USC Center for Economic and Social Research
**Brendan Lucas (MIAS ’12), Studio Supervisor, Deluxe Entertainment Services
**Danielle Ball (MLIS’13), Librarian, California Department of Corrections
**Greg Padilla (MLIS ’02), Academic Sales Director, EBSCO Information Services
**T-Kay Sangwand (MLIS ’08), Librarian for Digital Collection Development, UCLA
Philip Palmer, Head of Research Services, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA
Teague Schneiter, Manager, Oral History Projects, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


**Liza Posas (MLIS ’02), Head Librarian, Autry National Center and LA as Subject Coordinator, USC Libraries
**Tony Best (MIAS ’10), Digital Archivist and Producer, LA Rebellion DVD project
Mark Quigley (Manager, Archive Research and Study Center) and Dan Einstein (Television Archivist), UCLA Film & Television Archive
**Megan Gruchow (MIAS ’14), Assistant Archivist, NBC Universal Archives and Collections
Brian Bartelt, General Manager, Post Haste Digital
Kathryn Claypool, Curation Operations Manager/Digital Archive Team, Paramount
**Alina Sinetos (MIAS ’15), Graduate Intern, Getty Research Institute
**Lynn Boyden (MLIS ’97), Information Architect – Web Services, University of Southern California
**Jeffrey McCluskey (MIAS ’13), Digital Library Services Assistant, Getty Research Institute
Jess DePrest, PhD Student in Film, Television & Digital Media, UCLA
Lauren Sorensen, Digital Asset Manager and Archivist, Hammer Museum
Shira Peltzman, Digital Archivist, UCLA Library Special Collections
**Anne Coco (MLIS), Graphic Arts Librarian, AMPAS/Margaret Herrick Library
**Leah Tuttle (MIAS ’07), Administrator of Archiving Services, DC Comics
**Camille Mathieu (MLIS ’15), Information Science Specialist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


**Lauren O’Connor (MIAS ’14), Preservation Resources Fellow, Bay Area Video Coalition
Sam Long, Director of Technology and Preservation, Bay Area Video Coalition
**Andra Darlington (MLIS ’01), Head of Special Collections Management, Getty Research Institute
Matt Soar, Concordia University; Lost Leaders Project
Kris Brix, Digital Archive Manager, WeMash
Michael Pogorzelski, Director, Academy Film Archive
John Polito, Owner and Chief Engineer, Audio Mechanics
Kate Dollenmayer, Audiovisual Archivist, Wende Museum
Skip Elsheimer, Founder, A/V Geeks
**Yasmin Dessem (MIAS ’12), Audiovisual Preservation Specialist, UCLA Library Preservation Department
**Dalena Hunter (MLIS ’07, PhD), Librarian, UCLA Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies
Gina James, Director of Archive Operations, NBCUniversal
Alan Boyd, film collector and producer
Elaina Archer, Director of Archive and Legacy, Mary Pickford Foundation
**Shiraz Bhathena (MIAS ’10), Video Archive and Post-Production Specialist, USC Shoah Foundation
Jenni Matz, Digital Asset Manager/Producer, Television Academy Foundation / Archive of American Television
Adrienne Fallace, Manager of Archive Content, Television Academy Foundation / Archive of American Television
**Hillary Howell (MIAS ’05), Archivist, Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Karen Stetler, Producer, Criterion Collection
Theo Gluck, Director, Library Restoration and Preservation, Walt Disney Pictures
**Alice Royer (MIAS ’10), Manager, Outfest Legacy Project
**Philip Leers (MIAS ’11), Project Manager for Digital Initiatives, Hammer Museum
Adam Hyman, Executive Director and Programmer, LA Film Forum
Jeffrey Masino, Associate Director, Academy Film Archive; Founder, Flicker Alley
Guy Edmonds, Cognovo Research Fellow, Plymouth University
Rhonda Vigeant, Co-Owner and VP of Marketing, Pro8mm; founder, Home Movie Legacy Project


David Crosthwait, DC Video
**Dawn Aveline (MLIS ’12) Preservation Officer, UCLA Library
Erica Cusi Wortham (Assistant Professor, George Washington University Department of Anthropology)
Teresa Barnett, Head, UCLA Center for Oral History Research Paul Korver, Founder, Cinelicious
Paolo Davanzo and Lisa Marr, Echo Park Film Center
Leo Enticknap, Author of Moving Image Technology: From Zoetrope to Digital and Film Restoration: The Culture and Science of Audiovisual Heritage
Heather Cochran, Director, Academy Museum Project
Jeff Joseph, Founder, SabuCat Productions and 3-D Film Expo
Aaron Bittel, Archivist, UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive
Siobhan Hagan, AV Preservation Specialist, UCLA Library
Karen Barcellona, Digital Curator, Academy Film Archive
Ellen Pearlstein, Associate Professor, Department of Information Studies and UCLA/Getty Master’s Program in the Conservation of Ethnographic and Archaeological Materials
Elaina Archer, Archive & Legacy Director, Mary Pickford Foundation
Janice Simpson, Director of Content Preservation, NBCUniversal
Brian Real, Film Studies Dept., University of Maryland
**Kevin McMahon (MIAS ’06) Library Manager, Southern California Institute of Architecture
James Crawford, Audio Preservation Manager at Film Technology, Inc.


Kevin Brownlow, Academy Award™-winning historian and director
Jan-Christopher Horak, Director, UCLA Film & Television Archive
Mark Quigley, Manager, Archive Research and Study Center, UCLA Film & Television Archive
Barry Allen, Director, Paramount Archives
**Chris Lane (MIAS ’06) Sony Repertory, Worldwide Distribution
**Meredith Reese (MIAS ’09) Manager of Archives, Metadata, and Asset Management, HBO
Thelma Ross, Cataloger, Academy Film Archive
Karen Herman, Director, Archives of American Television, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Jenni Matz, Digital Projects Manager, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Adrienne Fallace, Cataloger, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Erkki Huhtamo, Professor, UCLA Design | Media Arts, Professor
**Wendy Horowitz (MLIS ’01), Photo Collection Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library
Susan Nickerson, Principal, Nickerson Research