[dis]memory, [mis]representation & [re]figuring the archival lens: A Symposium on Visual Archives & Forms of Representation

The Kenneth Karmiole Symposium

9am-5pm, January 26, 2018

**Please be aware that this will be a fragrance-free event.


This event is free and open to the public with registration. Please register here.

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Cultural, institutional, familial, and individual memories are contingent to time and space, and the ways in which people remember and forget are shaped by archival representation. A critical lens on these practices is crucial to challenge and refigure how representation is legitimized by archives and their authorities. Thus we utilize the image of Lewis Carroll’s Map of Nothing. The map symbolizes the power archives—those who document and preserve our experiences and environments—have to represent, misrepresent, and interpret the world around us. Focusing predominantly on the visual nature of archival materials, this symposium brings together individuals from a range of academic, artistic, activist, and other backgrounds, whose work seeks to explore, reimagine and emancipate the representation of archival subjects, elevating their voices and agency.

This symposium arranges four critical areas that relate to representation in archives, including but not limited to the following questions:  How can archival practices [re]produce contestable narratives? How can we [re]think polyvocality in forms of representation? How might we [re]imagine authorship and subjecthood within archival records? How might we dissect the power inherent in visual archival material and [re]purpose it towards social justice?

This symposium is made possible through a generous gift of Kenneth Karmiole and is organized by Gracen Brilmyer, Anne Gilliland, and María Montenegro.