Below is a listing of the faculty leadership and staff in the Information Studies Department.  For a listing of all faculty and staff within GSE&IS, please see the GSE&IS Directory.




photo of Anne Gilliland


Anne Gilliland

Associate Dean for Information Studies
2320 Moore Hall
(310) 825-8799





photo of Jean-François Blanchette


Jean-François Blanchette

Chair, Information Studies
218 GSE&IS Building
(310) 825-8799









Diana Ascher (PhD, MBA)
Director, Information Studies Lab
102 GSE&IS Building

Instructional support
IS Lab hours, equipment, and resources

Job listings and career development




photo of Snowden Becker


Snowden Becker (MLIS)
MLIS Program Coordinator
201 GSE&IS Building
(310) 206-9231

Courses and internships
Career development and planning
Departmental administration questions
Information for prospective students



photo of Annie LeeAnnie Lee
Administrative Assistant
254 GSE&IS Building
(310) 206-9393

Finding faculty and staff offices
Scheduling meeting rooms and events
Enrolling in independent study courses
Filing for expense reimbursements




(no photo)


Michelle Maye (MS)
Student Affairs Officer
207 GSE&IS Building
(310) 825-5269

How and when to enroll
Degree requirements and course scheduling
Tuition, fees, and financial aid
Information for prospective students




Justin Scott (MLIS)
239 GSE&IS Building
(310) 825-2159

Educational technology needs
Classroom IT support
Departmental web resources



photo of Andrew Vanschooneveld


Andrew VanSchooneveld
Administrative Specialist/Assistant to the Chair
254/A3 GSE&IS Building
(310) 825-8799

Departmental administration questions
Department Chair’s schedule and availability