Strategic Goals and Objectives

GOAL 1. LEADERSHIP: To lead and innovate in the information fields.


i. Recruit, support and inspire exceptional faculty, staff and students who will use their expertise and passion to move the information fields forward as knowledge developers, service providers, change agents, innovators and educators.

ii. Create community and organization alliances and interventions that promote the role of information, data and knowledge, and associated technologies and practices in social transformation and the betterment of society at all levels.

iii. Sustain and develop existing and new interdisciplinary centers and professional institutional collaborations that advance intellectual and professional knowledge and development in the information fields and increase the impact of IS on Campus and externally.


GOAL 2. DEVELOPMENT OF ACADEMIC & PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS: To design, implement, evaluate, promote and expand innovative and intellectually challenging academic and professional programs in Information Studies.


i. Develop and invest in initiatives for recruiting a diverse cohort of exceptional students into our academic and professional programs.

ii. Develop and implement specific mechanisms, measurements and schedules for regular evaluation of all academic and professional programs with respect to program goals, academic rigor, pedagogy, learning outcomes, emerging scholarly and professional trends, and consistency with Departmental mission, vision and values.

iii. Revisit and redesign program curricula as necessary to reflect rapidly changing information environments and needs, emerging opportunities, faculty profiles and program evaluation findings.

iv. Formalize placement resources and expand the ways in which students are prepared for the job market and existing and emerging career paths.

v. Track the realizable and concrete value of and return on student investment in our degree programs in terms of employability, salary, job satisfaction and career advancement.


Graduate Degree Programs

Imagine preparing for professional practice and research in a department made up of the top experts in the field, with unparalleled resources and facilities, and a 50-year tradition of excellence.

Imagine no more: This is the UCLA Department of Information Studies, and this is why so many of the leaders in the information professions and disciplines come from UCLA.

In addition to a growing number of undergraduate course offerings, the department offers two rigorous, flexible, and interdisciplinary graduate degree programs. Each is ranked among the best in the nation. Graduates will be ideally prepared to excel at the intersection of theory, practice, and policy.

Master of Library & Information Science (M.L.I.S.)
with specializations in Archival Studies, Media Archival Studies, Informatics, Library Studies, and Rare Books / Print and Visual Culture

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Course Offerings

Please take a look at our past, current, and future course offerings (MLIS and PhD), including undergraduate courses on aspects of information studies.

Dates, Documents, and Forms

Worried about a deadline? Need to check the current IS Student Handbook? Not sure which form to file? Look no further than the dates, documents, and forms page.

Professional Development Programs

California Rare Book School

Senior Fellows Program

Post Master’s Certificate of Specialization in Information Studies