Master of Library & Information Science (MLIS)

At UCLA, the MLIS program provides students with a blend of conceptual and theoretical knowledge and practical experience. In the classroom, students acquire a solid foundation in contemporary library, archival, and information science theory, information seeking and retrieval skills, and information technology expertise. An unparalleled internship program, involving over 300 organizations across Southern California, extends classroom learning by giving students the opportunity to apply their theoretical insights and practical skills in a professional environment.

Our students are mentored for leadership in whatever field of information work they choose to enter. We do this by providing:

  • face-to-face classroom instruction;
  • a wide choice of specializations and course offerings;
  • internship opportunities;
  • individual advisors;
  • mentoring programs;
  • teamwork experience;
  • support for student participation in professional organizations; and
  • the opportunity for students either to compile a portfolio in which they assess and present their career-related activities to date, or to write a thesis presenting the results of original research.

Our MLIS program is one of the most innovative and comprehensive in the country. We graduate highly successful and accomplished information professionals who go on to work in a wide variety of institutions.

The UCLA MLIS program is accredited by the American Library Association.

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MLIS Program Goals

a. To provide students with a coherent program of study that includes broad preparation in foundational knowledge and skills as well as opportunities to cultivate more specialized areas of interest.

b. To ensure that students have the cultural competency to engage with and advocate for a diverse range of information environments.

c. To provide students with the technological and intellectual fluency, ethics, skills and knowledge necessary to thrive, innovate and critically intervene in a diverse range of information environments.

d. To ensure that all students are enabled to take advantage of a broad array of professionally appropriate internship and field experience opportunities.

Student Achievement Data

MLIS program retention rate, time to degree, work relevance, and additional achievement data. Admission and enrollment data: See what awards IS students have won at