Where and when is the Internship & Career Fair held?

The 2018 Internship Fair will take place on two dates — Friday, April 6 and Friday, April 20 — at the GSE&IS Building, which is located on the north end of the UCLA Campus. We’re one block south of Sunset Boulevard, at the intersection of Royce Dr. and Young Dr.

Click here for a PDF map of our campus area.

The Fair will open to students at noon. Internship site representatives are welcome to arrive as early as 11:00 AM to set up, have coffee and a donut or a bite of lunch, and network with colleagues from other LA institutions who are there to recruit interns as well! We have a soft ending time of 2:00 PM; most folks will be wrapping up their convos and ready to go by 3:00, but if we’re especially busy and you’re still talking with interested students, you may stay later!

Is there wi-fi?

Yes! We have a robust campus-wide wireless network. Guest login information will be available at the door when you check in.

What about printing? Or photocopies?

We are happy to help make printouts or photocopies for you if needed. Just ask a student volunteer or staff member for assistance!

Is parking available?

Visitor parking is available nearby in Lot 5 (directly across the road from the GSE&IS Building) and in Lot 3 (a short walk up the hill from us).

You may purchase an all-day pass for either lot for $12 from one of the Parking & Information Booths on campus. (The booths accept cash or BruinCard payments only, no bills over $20.)

Both lots also have Self-Service Parking Pay Stations where you can purchase short-term or all-day parking passes.

Parking structures and information booths are indicated on the local area map.

What should I wear?

We will be recommending business casual attire for students who are attending the Internship Fair. You should feel free to wear what you would for an ordinary work day — or dress up a bit, if you prefer.

Expectations for “professional appearance” vary from workplace to workplace, and they can often be hard to pick up on as a new colleague! We encourage you to discuss dress codes or other norms with prospective applicants–especially if your internship opportunities involve attending meetings with higher-ups, working with clients/visitors, or other public-facing roles in which they might be more visible than, say, processing archival collections in a storage area.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring business cards, if you have them! This will make it easier for prospective interns to follow up with you after the Fair. Each internship site will have an assigned table with two seats for site representatives, so there will be room for handouts or informational materials as well.

You’re welcome to bring pencils, keychains, or other promotional swag if you like, too. If you bring more materials than you can easily carry from the parking area, there will be volunteers working the day of the Fair who can assist you.

April 6 falls during Passover. How can I participate in the Internship Fair if I’m observing the holiday?

Gut yontiv! Students will have access to the full list of participating internship sites and their projects for each day of the Internship Fair. If you can’t attend on the 6th for any reason, we hope the 20th will work — and if you can’t make it on either date, we’ll be happy to include your contact information and a description of your available internship(s) in the Internship Fair listings. Just complete the Internship Fair signup survey and send any materials you’d like us to have on hand the day of for prospective applicants.