Which date should I attend?

Both, if your schedule permits! Each date will have an entirely different roster of sites represented. We’ll make the list of sites participating each day available ahead of time, so you can plan your day and tailor your résumé.

Even if one of the days has fewer sites of interest to you, attending and meeting with people at the Internship Fair is a great opportunity to practice your networking skills. You might discover from talking in person with site representatives some opportunities that are an unexpectedly good fit, too!

What should I bring?

Bring copies of your résumé to share with the internship site representatives you meet with (and business cards with your contact information, if you have them!). It’s also a good idea to read over the list of sites attending and the descriptions of their available projects, so you know what you’d like to ask or discuss when you meet with recruiters. Researching the sites by looking at their web pages and learning a little bit about them ahead of time is a great way to impress folks with your preparation, too!

What should I wear?

We recommend business casual attire for students. And yes, that can mean a lot of things — but how you interpret that for the Internship Fair will give prospective sites a sense of how you might show up to work on your first day. Generally, your clothes should be clean, with no holes and minimal wrinkles, and well-fitting; your undergarments should not be visible; and you should probably not wear flip-flops. You should feel comfortable and capable, not costumed. If you’re in doubt, ask a friend you trust to help you put together an outfit!

If you are concerned that piercings, tattoos, hairstyles, or other visible features might be an issue at the internship sites you’re most interested in, it’s a good idea to ask what the workplace norms are when you meet with site representatives. Your appearance has very little to do with your abilities, of course, but you might not feel comfortable working, even temporarily, in a place where you can’t be truly yourself. On the other hand, it might be worth taking out your nose ring during your reference desk shifts, or wearing long sleeves on a few warm days, to get experience that’s going to look really great on your c.v. and references who can testify to your abilities. (You might also help other folks see past their prejudices by doing great work for them with your nose ring in.) This is very much your call!

Passover begins on April 19. How can I participate in the Internship Fair if I’m observing the holiday?

Gut yontiv! The Internship Fair will end in the early afternoon, well before sundown. Students will also have access to the full list of participating internship sites and their projects for each day of the Internship Fair. If you can’t attend the Fair on either scheduled date, for any reason, we encourage you to follow up afterward by phone or email with the sites you’re most interested in.

How much time should I plan to spend talking with each site?

These will be quick, get-to-know-you chats, not in-depth interviews! We’ll be encouraging students to take no more than 10-15 minutes with each site, so everyone has a chance to meet with their top choices. You can make the most of this time by studying the list of attendees on each date, having questions ready, and practicing your elevator speech so you can effectively convey your qualities as an internship candidate. We’ll have